Massage Chicago

Massage therapy

At Chicago Pain & Wellness we are pleased to offer our patients various treatment options including massage therapy.  Our therapists use a variety of methods to administer both clinical and therapeutic massage.  Techniques include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports massage, prenatal massage, deep tissue.  Therapists may also incorporate various stretching techniques such as PNF.

The benefits of massage are both mental and physical.  Massage is known to have a stress relieving effect.  Physically, massage can reduce muscle tension and stiffness, increase joint range of motion, improves healing time for strained muscles, reduces pain and swelling, helps decrease discomfort in pregnancy, and reduces muscle tension.


We are currently offering massage by appointment Wednesday's between 1:00pm and 7pm, and Friday's between 9:30am and 3:30pm.


Jamila Webb LMT

Jamila is an alumni of The New School for Massage Bodywork and Healing and believes massage is a helpful aid during the body's healing process. She uses a blend of Thai massage and myofascial in every session to help stretch the muscles and provides therapeutic touch while getting into the muscles as needed; thus, giving the client a sense of relaxation and comfort. Each treatment is personalized based on the clients needs and goals. When she is not doing body work, she enjoys creating costumes and spending time with her senior cat.